The Soul of Family Business

Are You a Business First or a Family First?

Tom Hubler has always said it’s business first, but with a major family emphasis – so it isn’t either/or; it’s and with a side of secret sauce he calls “soul.”

The Entrepreneurial Spirit Runs High In Today's Society.

People want the freedom of being their own boss, to increase their earning potential, or simply to share an idea no one else has.

Family-held businesses comprise 80-90 percent of all enterprises in the US and account for more than 60 percent of the country’s GDP. Yet, less than one-third of families control their businesses into the second generation, and only about 12 percent make it into the third generation. Why?

Running a business is hard. Running a family business, we’ll that’s a whole new level of challenge.

Meet Tom Hubler

A True Sage in the Field of Family Business

When people ask how I got into family business consulting, there are two answers I give.

The official one is that I was a professional therapist who grew interested in the challenges families face in running businesses together while maintaining their essential family relationships. The unofficial answer is that I started as an unpaid volunteer therapist in my own family at the age of seven. And, ever since, I’ve been on a quest to create happy families, starting with my own. I’ve simply professionalized it and made a career out of it.

We all know life is a balancing act. And running a business—especially a family business—is too.

“Your family—like ours—will be better for having benefited from Tom Hubler’s wisdom.”
~ Richard Murphy, president and CEO of Murphy Warehouse Company

Tom Hubler

Does Your Family Business Need a Bit More Soul?

The soul of a family business is not easily defined. It isn’t something that can be measured or quantified, but it’s easily recognizable by both its presence and absence. Family businesses that continue to develop their soulfulness see a direct correlation in their performance.

Take our assessment to evaluate the effectiveness of your family business and Tom will share opportunities for your family business to rejuvenate its soul.

Tom works to keep the “family”
in “family business.”

And his clients agree that his work helps strengthen theirs.

“When you hear Tom speak, you can clearly see his genuine love and caring for his client families shining through.”

Angela Alvig, CPA, Simplify Wealth LLC

“He takes on real-life issues and offers real-world answers—maybe not always what a business owner wants to hear, but certainly what the business owner needs to hear.”

Tom B., Bank Holding Company Association

“He brought our 48-year-old family business with five siblings a new, positive focus.”

Mark Thompson, President, Thompson & Sons Family RV, LLC

“... a masterpiece packed with wisdom and stories from one of the pioneers of family business consulting.”

The essential root of both the family and its business is something Tom calls the “soul” of family business. It has to do with the family’s values, love, and heritage. It’s their “secret” sauce, and in The Soul of Family Business: A Practical Guide to Family Business Success and a Loving Family, Tom shares the secret to creating a successful business while building (and maintaining) healthy and happy families.

The Soul of Family Business uses case studies from Tom’s more than 35 years as a family business consultant paired with his vast knowledge of family business best practices and covers sticky topics such as managing conflict, succession planning, legacy and more. He believes in the power of legacy—both within family businesses and his own, as she shares his wisdom with the hopes of helping others leave theirs.

Legacy is a gift given and a gift received.

It’s a gift to the future to help others find success. And it’s how people are going to be remembered. It’s also what family businesses pass on to future generations. Tom’s message is practical, inspiring and full of wisdom. And, he’d love to share his message with you, your group or your organization.

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