Conditions Needed for a Family Business to Bloom

The Conditions Needed for a Family Business to Bloom

You have likely noticed its arrival. Our days are brighter and warmer for longer. The trees, bushes and shrubs are budding. Daffodils and tulips are declaring their ready and the timing is right. Spring has arrived!  Each year, I enjoy today—the first day of spring—for two reasons. First, it’s a

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Tom Hubler February Blog Graphic

What’s Love Got to Do With It?

Success in a family business is a lot about love. That begs the question (as Tina Turner asked), “What’s love got to do with it?”  My answer is simple: everything! While there are many elements of a family business that differentiates it from other business models, there is one thing

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The Season of Cheer

The Season of Cheer is Here

It’s here. There’s no running from it. Smells of cinnamon and pine are all around, and anticipation can be seen in the eyes of children who are counting down. The days are numbered before Christmas arrives. For family businesses, however, holidays can be a point of contention if you let

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Emotional Equity

Emotional Equity is Just Good Family Business

For most businesses, their value is based on its equity which is usually determined by the value of their assets minus their liabilities. A simple PnL report allows many business owners to quantify what their company is worth… in dollars. And this typically makes sense due to the fact that

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Stress Post

Stress Less and Find More Success

Stress is a common denominator for many business owners, and family business owners begrudgingly likely carry even more. I’m sure they’d happily trade in their headaches and neck tension for more clients and sales. And while that trade out is possible, unfortunately it isn’t a simple one. Stress is inevitable.

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